Thursday, July 14, 2011

Updates - 14 July 2011

New Rules -
#1 : If SMS sent is ignored more than 4 times, I'll not bother to send anymore.
#2 - Items must be collected within a month. (Items not collected within a month will be confiscated)
#3 - We no longer do meet-up for payment. But however, if you meet us when we are having our meet-up for collection it is possible.

What to do if you can't Bank transfer? Answer: CASH DEPOSIT!
1 . Prepare 5 millionssssssssssss (JKJK HAHA) Prepare the money for the stuffs you wanna order.
2 . Teleport yourself to the Bank.
3 . Queue up and say you wanna transfer money. P/S : Details will be given to you if you want to do Cash deposit! ^-^
Thats all!

Thank you for cooperating! - ilovekpops x

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