Terms and Conditions.
Please understand all the Terms and Conditions before sending an order form.

1. No dead buyers please! It's not that difficult to say 'I think I'll pass'.
2. Items are non-refundable nor exchangable.
4. No payment= No orders. Please do not ask me to pay on your behalf. If I did not receive any payment, I'll not send out any orders.
4. All items (Catergories) must reach a minimum of 5caps before sending in! If it didn't reach 3caps, you can either not order/insist of ordering but add $2 per item for my supplier to send in.
5. If i texted you for more than 3 times, and there's no replies, items will be confiscated.
6. If you didn't collect your items within a month, items will be confiscated as well. Please be considerate as they are other customer's orders too, my place will be in a mess.
8. With effect of 28 Jan 2012, all batches must have AT LEAST 100 orders or above, so that i will send in the orders if not, regardless the ordering date, orders will not be SEND IN.


Please spend some time reading my FAQs. Most of your questions is answered here. I'm kinda tired answering the same thing over and over again.

1. Do you supply?
Yes, I do. $1 off w/ 5 caps per category.

2. Where's your meet-ups places?
Simei, Paya Lebar and Bishan (depending on my school schedule) ^^

3. When will my items arrived?
2 weeks. But if plane delays/custom checks, it might take up to 3-4 weeks.

4. Are your items instocks?
No! All of my items are preorder unless otherwise stated.

5. Is there any need of cappings for your items?
Yes! All items of the same category need to reach a caps of 3. For eg, Tees (3 orders).

6. If supplier scamed, are you responsible?
Nope i am not responsible! But rest assured, i have been taking supplies from the same supplier for my previous few batches so no worries.

7. What's the payment mode?
Bank transfer. For meet-up for payment, it is to my convenience.

8. I do not have a bank account but i would like to order. How?
You can head down to Posb bank and say that you wanna transfer money to my account and they will help you!

9. Do you take in international orders?
With effect of 31st Jan, Yes and i only accept PayPal.
You would have to pay the handling fee "3.4%+SGD0.50".
All payment must be in SGD.

10. Will you refund us if the items is oos (out of stocks)?
Yes I definitely will!

12. Postage?
Yes, i do. But you would have to pay for the postage.
Normal mail: Depends on the weight of items.
Registered mail: +SGD3 and depends weight of items.